Vampire Facelift- 5 myths

As the years go by, new cosmetic techniques are being discovered that help you achieve your desired look. The older we get, and with each passing day, our features start to change- some for the better, some not so much, so it’s important to know 5 myths about this treatment to ensure continuous appearance improvement!


The Vampire Facial treatment is a very talked-about exotic facial that has become popular recently. Mainly because of its quick and effective results, many female celebrities post their faces covered with blood on social media to promote this trend!


Are you interested to know 5 myths about this treatment? You’ve come across the right place. Let’s explore vampire facelift.


What is Vampire Facial Treatment?


Vampire Facial is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin and removes wrinkles using your concentrated platelet blood. It’s a modern technology because there are some myths attached to this procedure that you can dispel here! Below are a few of the 5 myths about vampire facelifts.


  1. In vampire facial procedures, cosmetic surgery is involved. 


Some people think that this cosmetic procedure involves skin removal through scalpels, saws, and forceps. The idea of leaving small scars due to stitching or other invasive procedures has made them fear these treatments because it perpetuates misinformation about what occurs during a vampire facial treatment.

But the reality is the entire process is a non-surgical

the procedure requires only the safe puncture of face skin to introduce PRP with

Microneedles. The micro-needling works on a principle, i.e., your body will

heal itself wherever it finds wear and tear.


  1. Vampire Facials can lead to irreparable damage to the skin and other related issues.


The idea that blood means something harmful is deeply

ingrained in most people’s minds, which leads them to believe this treatment,

where the micro-needling process involves a small number of bodily fluids on

your face, will cause adverse effects. That blood on your post-treatment face is a harmless result of a vital needling procedure that triggers skin healing.


  1. It is all about a trend, or else Micro-needling is an ineffective procedure


The popularity of the “Vampire Facial” has grown due

to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Generally, female

celebrities post their pictures with blood-covered faces that appear

astonishing in many people’s eyes. That’s why some people think that only

wealthy people do vampire facials to be in popularity. Hence, the real benefits

of vampire facials go unnoticed.

It is not a pointless procedure at all. Following the

treatment with Platelet-rich plasma, users are characterized by a youthful

appearance. The body’s natural healing process gets activated, and they will have

healthier skin cells due to increased collagen production, which promotes

flexibility in facial structure and reduces wrinkles over time!


  1. Recovery takes a lot of time.


The procedure takes around one hour to be performed thoroughly. Then your face may have some redness and swelling in areas, but this goes away within a day or two without any lasting effects.


  1. It is an intense procedure


This particular myth became popular due to the visible

blood on the face. Most people think that visible blood and reddishness are

linked with pain. But medical practitioners experienced doing this procedure

use effective numbing creams, which allow them to conduct all operations on

that particular area without the person feeling the pain.