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    Request A Consultation. Your Name (required). Your Email (required). Enter your phone number (required). Select Procedure (required) VAMPIRE FACIALI always always always do a phone consultation with new clients before meeting in
    person for the first time. I have found this is the best way to assess if someone is my
    ideal client and whether I feel they will be a good fit for my practice or refer elsewhere if
    necessary. This is also a key time to do some education on insurance and set up
    expectations on the importance of regular sessions (for me, that means committing to
    coming weekly). This is also a time for you to work out insurance issues before you have
    to bill for the first time.If you’re looking for non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate your skin and body with less invasive cosmetic options, we are a top-quality Aesthetic and Wellness center in Miami. We provide less invasive surgical and aesthetic treatments to enhance your own natural beauty.

    We also help people to maintain their sexual life comfortable. Our sexual wellness treatments are specific for men and women in order to help them enjoy their romantic relationships. Remember, As cheesy as it may sound, true happiness comes from within and starts with you. Let’s make your decision, contact us right now.

    If you ask yourself, where is a trusted Aesthetic wellness Center or Any Wellness center near you? We are the best answer. Visit our Beauty Art Center.

    Some people are turned off by the name, but Vampire Facial is a beauty procedure is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate the skin. Instead of using chemicals or additives, this treatment relies on your body’s regenerative capabilities giving your skin a natural and powerful boost.To achieve this, your blood is safely collected before the procedure, and then it is diffused and concentrated to create a healing serum that is unique to you.

    The serum is so effective because it’s developed with platelets from your body’s plasma supply. Platelets serve as the body’s natural healing factor. When placed into a beauty serum, you can target where the regeneration occurs.

    Once the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum is developed, it is applied to your skin through micro-needling. Micro-needling offers its advantages, having been proven to stimulate the production of healthy skin. When combined with the PRP facial serum, you will experience complete skin rejuvenation.